How Can I Help You?

Welcome to my main home online. There are a variety of things I offer, so please feel free to navigate to the one that suits your needs best, or simply email me your request at andieeygenraam (at) gmail (dot) com.

I do freelance copy and content writing, ghost writing, developmental editing and publish books through
My Inspired Communications.

  • I’m currently working on freelance projects, creating copy that converts and is emotionally compelling for a variety of businesses. My portfolio can be found at My Inspired Communications and is in the process of being updated.
  • I will have a publishing course and book ready soon to help you through the publishing process so you can be aware of your options and make the best publishing choice for you.
  • I am accepting applications for developmental editing which can be found on My Inspired Communications website.

I help people navigate uncertainty and change that we are living through on a daily basis through
Creative Chrysalis Coaching.

  • Stay tuned for more videos, courses, meditations and books that you can access to help you thrive and learn tools so you can live the life that is calling you.

Feel free to sign up for my newsletter at either of the sites to get relevant information sent to you by email. I will protect your information and never sell it. Through my newsletter you will get a variety of free resources sent to you to help you on your journey.