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#3 Best Seller in Self Help Choices for Change: Courageous Decisions that Continue to Change Lives
3rd Collaboration book Project published by My Inspired Communications

Busting Through Blocks: Prompts to Inspire Creativity

Busting Through Blocks will give you tools to stimulate your creativity, get in touch with yourself and through any writers block you may experience. No writing experience is necessary, just a desire to be open, create and heal. The prompts can also be used to unlock your creativity and activate flow for your business writing, or any other creative work you do. Explore your creativity and potential. Pick a prompt and go!

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#1 Hot New Release, #17 New Age Spirituality

Motivation, Momentum & Manifesting: Keys to Creating Magic in Your Life
2nd Collaboration Book Project published by My Inspired Communications

Are you feeling stuck, or wondering what to do next? Motivation, Momentum and Manifesting holds the answers. With 17 different viewpoints on how the various contributing authors get themselves motivated, hold momentum and manifest a life of their dreams; there will be something that resonates with everyone. Through stories, how to steps, gratitude and affirmations, there are many ways to get yourself unstuck and back aligned and refocused. You deserve to live a life of your dreams. Let us help show you how.

The Better Business Book: 100 People, 100 Stories, 100 Business Lessons To Live (The 100 Person Book Series 3) by [Unite, Authors, Wagner, Tyler, Butler, Kim D.H., Albritton, Adriana, Gross, Doris]

INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER: Better Business Book Volume 3

The Better Business Book is better than your average business book. That’s how we came up with the title. It consists of 100 people each sharing their most valuable business lesson. A real story from their business experience and the lesson they learned from it. Each time you read it, you will learn something new. Guaranteed.

We hope you enjoy reading this book half as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

Authors Unite

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Empowered Hearts – Courageous Writers Connected by Words
1st Collaboration Book Project published by My Inspired Communications

Empowered Hearts is a product of connecting creative people through their words, love and healing, along with the desire to help others express themselves and build self-esteem. Our words always sound better when spoken from the heart and shared, as many brave authors have done in this book. We hope you will keep on creating as well 

front-cover10 Lessons About Life and Living (Or 70 in Dog)
Exploring Life and Living through the eyes of a three year old Border Collie Cross can be fun and profound. 10 Lessons about Life and Living offers a different perspective on some of life’s important ideas that we often overlook or forget in the rush of our day to day. Told with compassion and humour, Koda and Andrea share stories of their journey.

“Life is such an adventure! Sometimes I have a very different way of looking at life than my person does. I am so curious and fascinated by everything. I put all 75 pounds of me into loving every moment of this great life I have. I know my person needs those reminders sometimes and I am glad I can be there to help her not take everything so seriously.”


Women’s Write: Strong and Free

I’m published along with so many beautiful brave souls that still have pieces of my heart. this book, these writing groups, and this writing style was what gave birth to the beautiful Positive Pens night so many have been excited to experience. my heart is filled with gratitude.

A Woman’s Write: Strong and Free is a collection of poetry capturing the experience of women learning to understand themselves as they come to terms with addiction.
The women call it freefall.
Words, moving quickly from head and heart through to pen and paper. Silence, but for the scratching of raw poetry emerging on pages.
Some are lost in it. Focused. Energized. Words flow fast.
Others struggle. Thoughts trickle.
It is Monday night in a sparse basement room at Womankind, an addiction service operated by St. Joseph’s Healthcare. A dozen women are around the table. An unlikely group who, in most ways, have little in common.
What they do have in common connects them immediately and powerfully. They are all recovering addicts. Some are alcoholics, some are drug users, a good number are both.
And they are all authors.

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So You Want to Buy a Greenhouse: A Guide for Planning Your Greenhouse Purchase & the follow up So You Want to Buy a Shelter: Your Guide for Planning Your Soft Cover Structure Purchase

Available on Amazon or contact me directly

“I should have known that I would get into this business when I was younger because the highlight of my birthday was always getting new pieces to my Mechano set. Now, I often describe these structures as big Mechano sets. It feels very fitting.”

Are you considering purchasing a greenhouse to start your own operation? Are you unsure of all your options and what you should know? Do you want to know what you’re getting into?

Using Norm Eygenraam’s 45 years experience in the industry, we have created this book for you to help! Through illustrations, tips, stories, photos and more, we help you understand all you need to consider. We do use Multi Shelter Solutions examples throughout, as that is what we have easiest access to, but this is by no means a sales book. This guide is meant to inform you of your choices and show you key considerations in your planning journey. We have tried to make this book as informative as possible, no matter which direction you choose to go. Enjoy, and happy planning!





Tears: A Journey Through Emotion

Transitions: Edition Two

The reader can expect to be taken on a journey through many of life’s
challenges and triumphs, experiencing an array of emotions that are
often difficult to put into words. Andrea’s eloquent way of handling
sensitive subjects and times of celebration and everywhere in between
make this a collection of poetry, prose and short stories not to be missed.

What readers are saying..

feel this, have felt this, will feel this again. -Jannine
You have made me smile … to my toes. Thanks Andrea! -Sara
A beautiful capture of a beautiful moment. -August
Simply sparkling! Love your words-SS
Cute poem! Great word choice, I loved it! -Samuel
Love this and needed to hear it. Thank you. -Emily
I absolutely can relate to this. I’ve been here, still go there but not nearly as much as I did. Well said-SH
You have done some amazing writing and it is terrific to share it with us. You are an inspiration to all of us. -Gail
Such depth and imagery it leaves me smiling and sighing begging for another chapter of the story! -Kellie
The pictures you create with your words are amazing and the imagery is so unique! Well done-NE
Wow. I love how I feel your words. Amazing. I am enjoying different styles of writing and especially love writing that sings to me. I felt peace reading this. -Marilyn
You write that so eloquently! If only they could stay small wrapped in a beach towel! -SK
I love ‘No fight is ever lost until you stop getting back up again.’ This is a powerful piece! -Heather
Oh wow! I just LOVE the last stanza! What a wonderfully inspiring call to action! “Life starts now” Carpe diem! -KE
I like this. Your last message is one of giving to others, and that is the essence of love. Wonderful write! -Charles
Loss is never easy, but the loss of someone for whom you have mixed feelings about somehow seems to be harder-SH
I love where it breaks down the different kinds of tears. Very nice. -Benjamin
Uplifting. love your sentiments, brilliant talent. magical wording, divine talent. smiles. -JP
Wait I love this poem as much as I hate spider! Very cute and a little snarky! -Audrey
I think maybe we want to feel like our personality is a certain way but maybe in reality we’re not what we think we are. Valuable insights, Thank you.-Jess
I just read this again and it brought a tear to this girl’s eye. This is really powerful Andrea. I like it a lot. -Sarah
So simple and yet so profound…. never thought of it like that before-Norm
Mellifluous. -Jofelyn