About Me

I am an international best selling author, inspirational speaker, and Creative Change coach, helping people navigate uncertainty and change to find their passion and live the inspired life of their dreams.

I studied Bob Proctor’s Thinking into Results program, along with Marie Forleo’s B-School, Gabby Bernstein, Brendon Burchard, and Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention strategies to help me provide you with the strategies that are best suited for you! I have a passion for helping people and am working to enhance this experience for both myself and my clients.

I have attended both Sheridan and Mohawk College and upgraded some of my training through Conestoga College. I have a wide range of experience from Writing and Business Communications, Marketing, Sales and design, to Package Engineering and Scheduling, Natural Health and Healing, as well as Retail. I feel confident in my abilities to be versatile and work together with you to find solutions for your unique situation.

I do motivational speaking events, helping empower people to better their lives and find the success, happiness and abundance they deserve.

I have been writing for the last 37 years and now have twelve books published, with more to come this year. I have a passion to help others through both my words and their own. Writing all styles from poetry, children’s books, self help and fiction, I easily adapt to the ideas I am drawn to express.

I am certified with the Certified Coaches Federation for Life Coaching.  I have been facilitating empowerment workshops through writing and other activities since 2010.

I currently reside in Toronto, Ontario with my Border Collie, Koda, and love to do anything that stretches my creativity.  

Through my own personal experience with overcoming an eating disorder, going through multiple moves, overcoming personal and family health issues and abuse, ending a long term relationship and drug addiction 14 years ago, to losing myself in other distractions and addictions and finally finding self love and confidence, I have multiple resources with my experience to draw on to help you through your challenges and transitions.  

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