What People Are Saying

What readers are saying..

feel this, have felt this, will feel this again. -Jannine

You have made me smile … to my toes. Thanks Andrea! -Sara

A beautiful capture of a beautiful moment. -August

Simply sparkling! Love your words-SS

Cute poem! Great word choice, I loved it! -Samuel

Love this and needed to hear it. Thank you. -Emily

I absolutely can relate to this. I’ve been here, still go there but not nearly as much as I did. Well said-SH

You have done some amazing writing and it is terrific to share it with us. You are an inspiration to all of us. -Gail

Such depth and imagery it leaves me smiling and sighing begging for another chapter of the story! -Kellie

The pictures you create with your words are amazing and the imagery is so unique! Well done-NE

Wow. I love how I feel your words. Amazing. I am enjoying different styles of writing and especially love writing that sings to me. I felt peace reading this. -Marilyn

You write that so eloquently! If only they could stay small wrapped in a beach towel! -SK

I love ‘No fight is ever lost until you stop getting back up again.’ This is a powerful piece! -Heather

Oh wow! I just LOVE the last stanza! What a wonderfully inspiring call to action! “Life starts now” Carpe diem! -KE

I like this. Your last message is one of giving to others, and that is the essence of love. Wonderful write! -Charles

Loss is never easy, but the loss of someone for whom you have mixed feelings about somehow seems to be harder-SH

I love where it breaks down the different kinds of tears. Very nice. -Benjamin

Uplifting. love your sentiments, brilliant talent. magical wording, divine talent. smiles. -JP

Wait I love this poem as much as I hate spider! Very cute and a little snarky! -Audrey

I think maybe we want to feel like our personality is a certain way but maybe in reality we’re not what we think we are. Valuable insights, Thank you.-Jess

I just read this again and it brought a tear to this girl’s eye. This is really powerful Andrea. I like it a lot. -Sarah

So simple and yet so profound…. never thought of it like that before-Norm

Mellifluous. -Jofelyn

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