What an inspirational and gratitude filled way to spend my hour! Andrea provides these incredible writing workshops that give a creative outlet in your life! You get to be surrounded by a group of creative and inspirational individuals and feel the incredible energy everyone brings to the experience. This time leaves you uplifted, filled with gratitude and completely rewarded. When you are surrounded by the group and in discussion about your piece you experience the energy and often depth of each person’s message and experience. Inspiring and moving you!

I signed up for one recently and then my little guy came down with the flu. He just needed to be home with mommy and nap. Andrea offered an online version of the workshop. I was able to still have a little creative me-time by joining the group via zoom.

I was skeptical to try it because I knew I wanted to still feel a part of the group, that’s where I see most of the value of the workshop, I worried that I was just going to be on the outside.

To my delight I was able to see everyone in the room, hear clearly and feel the energy I was sure I would miss. It was completely worth it, I wrote a powerful piece that allowed me to reflect and grow and I can’t wait to do it again- from the comfort of my own home! Thank you Andrea!